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The key to rejuvenated, youthful skin lies in professional cosmetic treatment, also commonly referred to as esthetics. Welcome to Ambber Esthetics, a word class esthetic salon and supplier in Calgary, Alberta. Through refined esthetics based treatment, our desire is to leave you feeling fresh and revitalized. We offer a wide range of esthetic services, including hand & foot treatment, waxing, and skin care. Feel free to browse our esthetic services page in order to get a better idea of how our salon can cater to your desires. For individuals that aspire to one day work in an esthetic salon, we offer esthetics training in Calgary, AB and a range of esthetic supplies. Our courses range in all forms from basic makeup application to advanced jade hot and cold stone therapy. Whether you’re a novice looking to get their start in the exciting world of esthetics, or a pro hoping to pick up a new skill, Ambber Esthetics training in Calgary, AB has something to offer everybody! Our expert estheticians will help you find the appropriate esthetic supplies too. Whatever you may need, we are happy to assist.

We Offer

Sking Care & Facial

Comfort and fortify sensitive skin with our gentle yet effective spa facial treatment for easily irritated skin. Our Ambber Esthetics Centre Sensitive Skin Facial provides gentle exfoliation to reveal healthier, younger looking skin and supports skin health to help avoid future discomfort and sensitivity. Rapidly calm and hydrate skin to restore a supple, smooth, comfortable texture. Strengthen skin's barrier function and restore lost glow.

Spa & Relaxing

Do not forget the relax zone, where you can relax on warm beds! Spaces for facial and body treatments. Beauty and relaxation treatments will refresh and prepare you for the challenges ahead. Our Spa & Beauty Center combines innovative cosmetic and medical treatments. We use professional medical cosmetics, Med Beauty, which is complimented by natural mud coverings and healing thermal water.

Nail Treatment

Use an emery board rather than a file to shape nails, file along the same direction. Moisturize the nails along with the hands with a good moisturizing lotion as the Vitamin E and collagen is good for nails. Try not to use a nail polish remover very often as the chemicals and alcohol can make the nails brittle. Use a pair of gloves while gardening, or handling harsh detergents and cleaning agents.

Finger Nail & Toe Nail

Ambber Esthetics Spa is a luxurious day spa providing spa services at competitive prices in Canada . We are a top wellness spa offering Ayurvedic and International therapies. The services include body massages, body scrubs, body packs & wraps and face therapies. Ambber Esthetics Spa has received many awards & recognitions like 7th best Spa in Canada, best emerging Spa chain of the year and Top 3 Spas in Canada.

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Full Leg (including bikini)

Half Leg Lower

Half Leg Upper


Chest with Tummy


Under Arm

Full Arm

Lower Arm